Terms & conditions

User-generated content precautions

The surgery Connect community allow user to to post content. But there are some precautions must e followed by all users below:

1. Do not post nudity types content.
2. Do not post fake news or spam post.
3. Do not post such type of content, or comment that harass others user.
4. Any type of financial deal or agreement not allow by the community.
5. Never post copyright content that report able by the content author.
6. Never through hated speech or massage or comment to others user.

Account suspension or termination

We hardly working to improve user experience, so any violation of our terms and conditions result Account suspension without warning.

Who May Use the Services

Above 13 years old any one can join our community. But any terrorist person or terrorism group member are not allow to join our community.

Multiple Account alert

Above 13 years old any one can open only one account. Multiple account are not allow our community.

Fraud and Spam policy

spam and fraud types activity can be another reason to Cancel membership after the investigation.

Unless Spam report user

Unless report should be investigated so careful about it, its a such type of violation.